Strand Theatre Delaware, Ohio Established 1916

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Schine's Strand
On April 10, 1916, the Strand Theatre was opened by proprietor Henry Bieberson Jr in the New York Cash Store building. We have been showing movies continually ever since! In January of 1936, the Strand was purchased by Schine Theatres out of Gloversville, NY and was part of that chain of movie theatres until 1971. Schine manager George Johnson and his wife Cindy bought the single screen theater. Under the Johnson's, the Strand grew from one screen to three screens. In 1982, the second screen was opened in the adjoining storefront to the left of the original lobby. In 1986, the balcony was closed and reconstructed to form the third screen. The Johnson's owned the Strand until retiring in 1994, when Cathy and Jerry Amato took over the helm. In 2002 Ohio Wesleyan University took ownership and helped create the Strand Theatre and Cultural Arts Association, a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit board that currently owns the Strand.

Upstairs in the Strand Theatre back in the day.

Main entrance of the Strand Theatre, before the marquee.

Main Entrance of the Schine's Strand Theatre.

Before and after view from the balcony of the Schine renovations.

Before and after view from the stage looking up to the balcony of the Schine renovations.

The main lobby after the Schine renovations.
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